Agricultural Applications

Introducing Majorlift’s new Agricultural jack.

Majorlift have a long and proud history of manufacturing hydraulic jacks in the UK that dates back to the early 1970s. With a reputation built on excellent products, first-class customer service & market leading 5-year warranty, they have now developed a new product, the AFJ20 aimed at the Agricultural sector. Featuring twin rams and an air hydraulic power pack giving 20 Tonne lift capacity that will allow safe and secure maintenance of heavy equipment this new tool only requires a flat floor and a compressed air supply to get going. Highly manoeuvrable, with four sprung castors on the corners, it can be easily positioned under any vehicle and then activated to lift the axle so that the wheels clear the ground, either for tyre changes or maintenance tasks. The rams give a maximum lift of 8 inches, but extensions can be used to adjust the height of the lift.

With tractors and their wheels getting heavier, this new solution gives a rock-solid working platform by lifting on two points along the axle. Once lifted, the locking collar can be spun down to give a positive mechanical lock that keeps the vehicle up in the air – even if all the oil is drained out by accident, removing the need for use of axle stands. Originally designed for use with military vehicles, the Majorlift AFJ20 is tough, dependable and resilient. Thorough design and testing has been followed by extensive trials with contractors to test and then subtly change the product for optimum user convenience and flexibility. The main change has been to design new adaptors, with the introduction of these it has become even more versatile.

Now suitable for lifting high clearance agricultural machinery including self-propelled crop sprayers.

For further details, please contact Mike Selby, Marketing Manager at Majorlift Hydraulic Equipment Limited, Arnolds Field Estate, Wickwar, Gloucestershire, GL12 8JD.
Phone: 01454 299299