Majorlift are pleased to announce the successful installation of brand new, state of the art spray bay. Designed as a replacement for the original, 30 year old booth, the new equipment includes two new, enclosed booths and a central paint kitchen in between. It also features gas heating to enable work in the coldest weather and to “future proof” us against changes in paint technology.

Tristram Southgate, Majorlift’s MD said “we have made this investment after a lot of research and consideration. We needed to keep up with health & safety legislation and to provide a great working environment for our employees. However, we also chose this with an eye to increasing capacity. We have two new booths to replace the one old one and they are both double the height of the original, which gives us much more headroom for the new products we are introducing”.

Spray time can be considerably reduced, as one batch it can be drying in one booth while the next is being sprayed in the other. Our picture shows Richard spraying  Majorlift’s popular 7900 air power packs.