Optional Extras

Optional spreader beam
Designed to accommodate vehicles with independent front suspensions – particularly buses and coaches. When springs need to be changed the vehicle can also be jacked on the chassis leaving the axle on the ground. It also enables you to reach jacking points beyond the width of your pit. Available in three sizes, enabling it to comfortably fit almost all pit widths and rated up to 10 tonnes SWL. Shown top with 450mm extension tubes and below with a lift-mounted jacking beam.

4250 spreader beam 830mm (31”) min pit width
4350 spreader beam 940mm (36”) min pit width

4109 ram end protector
4104 extension tubes shoulder height 100mm (4”)
4106 extension tubes shoulder height 250mm (10”)
4107 extension tubes shoulder height 450mm (18”)

Optional diff beam
allows use of both rams to lift maximum loads at one point. Safe working load 20 tonnes.
Part No. 4500

Optional double extension top beam
makes jacking beam suitable for servicing of cars and light vehicles and Class 4 and Class 7 MOT testing.
Part No. 4600

Supplied as Standard
Each commercial pit jack and commercial lift mounted jacking beam is supplied complete with a full set of slip-on adaptors to assist in jacking axles, diffs and chassis etc. (excluding scissor jacking beams) Available from stock as replacements.

4101 V head Height 165mm 2 off
4102 Dished head Height 89mm 2 off
4103 Chassis head Height 54mm 2 off
4105 Extension tube shoulder Height 152mm 2 off

Replacement Parts
Most spare parts will be dispatched within 24 hours.

Please quote jacking beam serial number when ordering.

Part No. 2627 Coiled Airline

All new jacking beams now fitted as standard with handles and accessory rack.

These can be retro-fitted to your existing beam or the accessory rack can be wall mounted.

Part No. 2626 Accessory rack
Part No. 2625 Handles