Majorlift invests for the future

Majorlift are proud to announce the purchase of a new Doosan VM400II vertical machining centre.

This new VMC is in addition to the three Milacron mills that Majorlift already operate on a two shift system so will increase the milling capacity by a further 30%.

The biggest issue turned out to be “how do we fit it into our machine shop?” The answer was to completely re-organise the factory and by improving the workflow around the machines, created the necessary space.

It was a real team effort, with the operators involved in the siting of each machine to make it as efficient as possible. The team built up stocks beforehand and made the move over a weekend, to ensure that no customers were affected.

Tristram Southgate, Majorlift’s MD, said “The new machine doesn’t just look good – it has a 30 tool carousel and through spindle coolant to ensure greater accuracy and improved finishes. It has also enabled us to work with Quickgrind – our tooling supplier – to develop smarter tools which will reduce cycle times and improve the quality of product coming off the machines. This will reduce the five year payback period that we used to base the purchase decision on”.

Majorlift pride themselves in the fact that they design and manufacture all components in house, which includes all cylinders, rams and air motors. They also have further plans to invest in a new two spindle lathe with live tooling to enable more “one hit machining” as to ensure that their production in the UK remains competitive and affordable.