Majorlift Invests for the future

Majorlift have bought and installed a brand new Doosan Puma 3100 lathe for their machine shop. With an impressive 102mm bore, this allows 4” bar to be fed through the chuck of the machine for automated loading of batches of components. The automatic parts catcher allows these to be rapidly unloaded without damaging the components, so the machine is able to run unattended, with regular checks for dimensional accuracy, of course.

Tristram Southgate, Majorlift’s MD said “We chose the Doosan after considering a few other machines. In the end, it was the 102mm bar capacity, the rigidity of the cast base and the excellent performance of the Doosan VMC we bought last year that clinched the deal.”

Purchased from Mills CNC & financed by Lloyds’ bank the Puma came with a six figure price tag, but Majorlift were able to offset this by a getting a good price for the Colchester 310 that the Puma replaces. In the end, only three days of production was lost as the old machine was removed and the new one delivered and installed on the Monday. The bar feed came in on the Tuesday and we carried out a couple of days’ training before going live on the Thursday. Lee Ewins, Leadhand for the section told us “It’s a great machine and the accuracy of the turned parts is amazing. It took us a while to get used to how accurate it was compared to the old machine. We are looking forward to seeing what it can do for us”.

All credit to the team – the care that they give their machines made sure the Colchester was still worth a lot of money when it came to the trade in.