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All Majorlift products are made in house at our factory located in Wickwar
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Emergency price increase

You will all have experienced the dramatic increase in raw materials, utilities and fuels since the start of our financial year on 1st April 2021. Majorlift has absorbed all of these increases until now, but are unable to continue to supply product without now taking action to redress these costs.
As an example, we have seen costs of raw steel billet increase by 50%, however this is made worse by material shortages and the need to substitute more expensive materials to maintain our supplies.  Majorlift is also a business that relies on large supplies of electricity and gas for our processes, such as welding.
We have no choice but to increase our list prices by 8% on most of the product range with effect from 15th November. However, we are pleased to be able to say that we will honour any orders at existing prices that are already in our system. Chris Hodder and his team have completed the new main price list, which you can CLICK HERE to view, and are working hard to update all other price lists with a hope to be able to publish very soon. 
We will also continue to monitor the costs of our raw materials and when these have dropped sufficiently, we will lower our prices accordingly. With the continued volatility of the market, we cannot promise that this will be the last increase, but we can promise that we will resist another rise for as long as we possibly can and that we will object to all the increases proposed by our suppliers.
I hope that you understand why we have felt the need for this. Be assured that throughout this challenging time we continue to put every effort into supplying our products to you.
If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact Chris via email chrishodder@majorlift.com. 
With best wishes,

Tristram Southgate
Managing Director