Pit Mounted Commercial Jacks

Rapid, reliable and rigorously safe – the Pit Mounted Commercial Jacks will tackle anything and everything up to 40 tonnes.

Rated up to 40 Tonnes!

Key operational features – such as a full 305mm lifting stroke, full lateral ram adjustment and a high-safety twin ram system – are all backed by proven hydraulics and positive mechanical safety locks.

Specially designed for use in ATL inspection pits.

Quality engineered to perform.

Spares available.

Vehicule lift jacking beam

Pit Mounted Commercial Jacks Standard Features 

Twin ram operation – Greater operational stability, efficiency and safety. The rams slide transversely, making precise positioning under the vehicle possible, AND they can be used independently or in tandem, allowing one or both sides of the vehicle to be lifted.

Surface Engineered for a longer, harder working life – All key components in a Majorlift jack now have their working life greatly extended through a patented surface engineering process. This range of treatments develop iron nitride surface compound layers to toughen the surface and resist rust. The nitrogen-enriched zone can improve yield and fatigue strengths by as much as three or fourfold.

Control valves as standard – Precise lowering for optimum safety and working conditions.

Pressure relief valve – Automatically prevents overloading.

Positive mechanical safety lock – Threaded rams and collars greatly enhance operator safety especially against accidental lowering.

Pumps can be either air-powered or hand-operated – Air-operated gives easy and rapid lift; hand gives easy double action pumping.

Quietest Ever Majorlift Pump – The new quieter design of Majorlift pump, built into every air jack – significantly enhances performance and reduces noise as well as further improving operational reliability.

Load bearing supports and spring loaded rollers – A long established Majorlift design for smooth, easy and safe movement along the pit.

  • For lifting loaded tri-axle trailers, the 20-tonne model must be used.
  • Custom-built beams for unusually shaped pits.
  • Test certificates supplied with all beams.

Discover all the specifics of our Pit Mounted Commercial Jacks

12 and 20 Tonne

Air operated version

MPJ12 – 12t twin ram air-operated pump.
MPJ20 – 20t twin ram air-operated pump.


12 and 20 Tonne

Hand-operated Versions

HPJ12 -12t twin ram hand-operated pump.
HPJ20 – 20t twin ram hand-operated pump.

Versions of the 12 tonne and 20 tonne, pit mounted jacking beam are available with hand-operated pump. These not only offer a competitively priced alternative, but prove extremely useful for applications where there is no air supply available.

40 Tonne


MPJ40 40t twin ram air-operated pump.


Originally designed to meet the demanding requirements of safely lifting aircraft ground-handling tugs, our 40-tonne rated jack offers all the performance and safety features of the smaller 20 tonne range – and is ideal for seriously heavyweight applications such as military, quarry, mining and railway vehicles.

13 Tonne


MPJ13 – 13t twin ram air-operated pump.
HPJ13 – 13t twin ram hand-operated pump.

13 tonne version (with optional spreader beam) manufactured for ministry dedicated HGV and PSV test lanes. Supplied with plain chrome rams without locking collars as standard.

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