Pit Transmission Jack

Roll along, remove, roll back, replace. There is, quite simply, no easier, safer and quicker way to remove gearboxes, diffs and propshafts than the PTJ1000.

Pit Transmission Jack – PTJ1000

Rated up to 1000kg, it can be custom built to suit your pit, and to tilt, turn and manoeuvre heavy transmissions to pin-point accuracy. N.B. Transmission Jack Adaptor Plate shown is an optional accessory.


Pit Transmission Jack Standard Features

Two way tilt adaptor – The lifting adaptor can easily be adjusted into a precise position when removing most types of transmission.

Hose burst valve fitted – Safety valve fitted to prevent accidental lowering in the unlikely event of hydraulic pressure loss.

Triple extension ram with chrome piston – Provides up to 945mm of stroke.

Rollers, fitted with needle bearings – Smooth, virtually effortless running along the pit rails – even when load bearing.

Manual hydraulic double acting power pack – Proven on other Majorlift equipment, this allows units of up to 1000kg to be removed with a smooth, safe and highly controllable application of power.

  • Load test certificate – supplied with each unit.
  • CE markings – conform to EC directives.
  • Capacity 1000kg.

Discover all the specifics of our Pit Transmission Jack 

The diff or gearbox is lowered and rolled back along the pit. It can now be easily lifted away.
The jack is pushed along the pit underneath the gearbox. The lifting adaptor is easily located into a precise position using the tilt and turn controls.
The repaired or new unit is then rolled back along the pit and raised into the exact position – the whole procedure can be safely handled by one person.

If you require a Manual for the Pit Transmission Jack

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