Majorlift Service Exchange Options

Duty of care: you can’t ignore it. Meet your LOLER obligations – and minimise downtime – with one of these three Majorlift service packages.

Replace and Maintain



If key components break down or start to under perform, such as a ram or power pack, we can provide a rapid replacement service. Call us and we will despatch a reconditioned service exchange unit (certificated and guaranteed for a year) to replace yours. Smaller working parts – such as rollers, control valves or seals, also can be despatched for you to fit.

The parts that work hardest on a jack are the power pack and rams. Regular preventative maintenance can not only ensure vital equipment never lets you down; it will also help you fulfil your obligations under the LOLER regulations. This service allows you to replace these parts regularly, depending on their workload, in return for remanufactured units that have been load and pressure tested and re-certificated for a full year’s service. There’s no down time, you can budget in advance and replace the components at your convenience.

For jacks that see very heavy usage, or when they have been in service for some considerable time, customers can send their entire jack by prior arrangement for a complete overhaul. We guarantee a prompt turnaround, returning to you a jack which will provide many more years’ service – and at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. This service encompasses stripping the unit down to the last nut and bolt and replacing every worn or damaged part – including cylinder tubes, air pump, hoses, seals, motor, rams and roller assembly. The metalwork is sandblasted and resprayed. The entire unit is then re-certificated and returned with a one year warranty.