Raiser Blocks

Part No. 1526 Short (25mm high) and Part No. 1527 Tall (95mm high) aluminium to fit 2 and 2.8 tonne beam. Can be used alone or in conjuction with 1532A, particularly useful when lifting light vans or off road vehicles.

Extension Tubes

Part No. 1532C to fit all scissor beams. Extra high 180mm / 7″ extensions – specially designed to facilitate safe lifting of vehicles with high axles and lifting points. Mainly high 4 wheel drive off road vehicles. Using this extension Part No. 1532C together with lifting pad Part No. 1532A (supplied standard on all scissor beams) a lifting height of 485mm / 19″ can be achieved. Replacements available for lift pad assembly Part No. 1532A and rubbber pad Part No. 15324.

Part No. 1532V threaded V crutch – fits all scissor beams and can be used by itself or in conjunction with 1527 or 1532C.

Universal Raiser Blocks – ‘fits all makes of beam’

Polyurethane, rigid core and soft non-slip exterior which moulds to the car underbody. Light, strong, safe and easy to use.

Part No. 1590L
120mm / 5” high
Part No. 1590M
70mm / 3” high
Part No. 1590S
40mm / 1.5” high
A set of the three part numbers above can be purchased using
Part No. 1590.

Part No. 1590C MOT Ramp Wheel Chocks. Two part polyurethane chocks H65 x W295 x D170mm.